Sunday, October 17, 2010

Terra Naked - Open Price Latex Megapack

If you like latex here is another MASSIVE package for you! Based on the fully exposed and ultra sexy Latex suits from a popular BDSM comic we have taken the general idea and expanded it to include 8 different colours and an under-suit that is available in opaque and transparent varieties.

The added under-suits allow this outfit to be anything from PG to "Oh Gee!" it's you're call!

The photos truly don't do it justice and you won't believe just how amazingly sexy this is until yo try it yourself. A Mix'n'match latex lover's dream and you can't beat the price! The entire package (over 130 items) is available open::price (that's Free for those that don't know the idea)

So beam on down to our New Release wall and load your inventory with some shiny new gear!

Understanding open::price

open::price lets you choose what something is worth to you. Think of it as shareware for SL designs. It takes me some time to create items and costs money every time I upload a texture. If you like the item and feel so inclined - I appreciate any $L you care to throw my way.

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