Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Dress

Is it just me, or does it feel like spring has arrived in RL? To celebrate, we're releasing a new 6 colour package of open::price dresses.

Dressy enough for a night on the town and yet casual enough to wear anytime. The 'Spring' dress is a flowing flexi dress with a lace slip the top is cut low in the back and just low enough in the front. Spaghetti straps with a tie at the back of the neck make it alluring and also a great mix-n-match option. Comes complete with with lace stockings.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bad Kitty: Latex Catsuit with Paw Prints

5 different colours of super-sexy latex with burnt-in tones envelope your body in a single-shoulder strap design. Accentuated with contrasting seams and gloves this catsuit lives up to the name catsuit. The remnant prints from soft paws that encircle your body from the angle walking slowly up and around your leg, across your chest and finally off over the shoulder draw attention to this unique outfit.

Perfect for all the naughty nekos out there or any human female that wants to make a bold statement. Each colour comes on several layers and with separate stocking and glove layers there is even room for more mix and match exploration.

Expose your wild side and show just how bad a kitty you are.

Tease: Burnt Red Latex Catsuit with optional Exposed Breasts

Easily our most popular latex has been the tease catsuit and in general one of the post popular styles across our entire line of latex has been the burnt colour styles. Therefore, it only seemed obvious to combine the two. Introducing the Burnt Red Tease Catsuit.

This sexy rubber catsuit comes with several options for covered and exposed breasts on various layers (also great for mix and match if you're not feeling so naughty) and combines our burnt midriff look to take it up a notch.

Available as an open::price item, same as the entire tease line - you really don't have any excuse not to be looking ultra-sexy!

Snow Suit

This outfit was made by special request for my good friend Snow (who models it here) In it's original form it was one of the very first things I ever created in SL and when the new latex shine layer was ready, it was my pleasure to update the outfit with in improved cut and details. Snow has been fending off many requests from others about getting one for themselves so it was agreed that we would release this outfit to the masses.

It's a pink latex one-piece with thong back, pink gloves, and pink boots (basically you better love pink here) and white fishnet bodystocking underneath.