Saturday, November 9, 2013

Body Harness

Dare to bare it all in the exquisitely detailed rigged mesh body harness from Plausible Body. Sexy straps hug your body leaving nothing to the imagination (and no need for an alpha layer) The design features rings where the straps are riveted, buckles in the back, and even the grommets are modeled and rigged not just textured. It's one of our most ambitious creations ever.

The outfit provides modifiable HUD control for texture, colour, shine, and even transparency on both the straps and hardware of the harness allowing for virtually unlimited style variations. Released in standard sizes to fit as many body shapes as possible.


You can grab your own harness under our standard open::price and tweak and tint and adjust to your heart's content.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Citadine - Mesh Tank Top and Miniskirt Outfit

From casual to dressy this rigged mesh mini skirt and tank top provides just the right look. We have provided a wide selection of styles in a HUD control system that will give you hundreds of possibilities. With the classic pumps and stockings included you can create the perfect look for an evening on the town or just a really classy trip for coffee.


 The Tank Top has 48 different texture options, is mod so it's tintable and is rigged to Standard Sizing so should fit most Avs

 The Mini Skirt has 48 colour texture options with shadows for use with and without the top - so you can mix and match with other outfits. It's also rigged to Standard Sizing and should fit most Avs.

 We wanted to be complete so we updated our best selling classic pumps to include a colour change HUD for both the shoe and the heel to create a huge variety of options. Absolutely everything is mod so you can tweak and tint and adjust to your heart's content.

 Finally - just the right outfit for almost any occasion... and all open::price, of course!

Pick up yours today in-world at the Plausible Body Store or on the Marketplace.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Micro - Mesh Outfit

Dare to bare in this micro skirt and crossover top that leaves very little to the imagination. This open::price package is 100% custom mesh - not just a re-textured template, so you will not find this anywhere else. Included texture HUDs provide control over the thousands of included colour and texture options and the items are provided mod so you can create your own to mix and match with any outfit.

The rigged skirt was carefully built so there is no alpha mask required and the top is not rigged so you can resize it to fit any shape. Both are provided in standard sizes to make it easy to find the best size for your avatar.

Accessorize with our Classic Pumps and stockings for a flirty look that is perfect for the dance floor.

Available open::price of course! so you can pay what you like! Available in-world and on the Marketplace.