Saturday, October 17, 2015

Femdom Hunt VI

We're back in the Femdom hunt again for our 5th year running. Once again we have a deliciously naughty gift for everyone to enjoy. It's a unisex one this time so fun for everyone!

Now this hunt won't be for everyone - it's a Femdom hunt; so it's largely loaded up with various BDSM goodies. However, for those of you that like this sort of thing, and with all the latex we have out, we know a fair bunch of you do... you should certainly check it out: You can get complete details about the hunt here:

 The idea behind the hunt is to interweave a traditional grid-wide hunt (one that includes shops of all types (fashion, household, fetish, RLV toys, etc...)) with a hunt that links together and showcases many of the Femdom sims and locations to be found in Second Life. To this end the Femdoms who are supporting the hunt have been spaced evenly throughout the location list, and the hunt itself is designed as a circular hunt. The last location in the hunt will point to the first - so feel free to drop by Plausible Body and start your journey there.

This year our gift is an all mesh custom designed delivery cage and hand-truck for all your captive transport needs... It allows one person to sit in the RLV enabled cage and then be pushed around by another. The cage tilts as you push it and the wheels turn. Features include:

  • RLV Capture to the cage.
  • Manual door lock
  • Timed door lock
  • Auto and manual adjust for the captive pose
  • Hide the hand-truck (to leave the captive in the cage somewhere)

No hints during the hunt where to find it other than the official one for the hunt "Chocks Away!" don't worry if you miss the hunt though. We'll be placing this one out for everyone as soon as the hunt ends.