Sunday, October 3, 2010

One Smokin Hot New Release

Just in time for Halloween, these male and female demonic avatars combine a myriad of effects that really heat things up. Get yourself all fired up with the smoking (literally) avatars that have cracked skin (using alpha masks) showing the molten lava underneath.

Full tattoo layer, alpha layer, internal animated body prims with particle smoke, horns, tail, tentacles, trident with gripping anim, gestures for a standing pose, glowing and non-glowing prim eyes, red cat eye layer, and shape.

The demon and demoness are complete avatars but do not change your skin so they are a bit easier to wear and un-wear. choose between prim and non-prim eyes, glowing or non-glowing to create just the effect you want.

You can even mix and match the horns, tentacles, and tail with a less demonic look for even more variety.

Due to the extent of the work involved and the uniqueness of this release it has a fixed price of L$350. Available both in-world at the Plausible Body store and on the SL Marketplace and other web locations.

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