Saturday, May 16, 2009

Classic Pumps - Finally

Available Sunday May 16th

12 different textures on this classic pump heels
includes individual shoes and a scripted colour changing version

Need that classic look to complete your elegant gown or casual outfit. These classic pumps finally fill the gap for a simple high heel shoe in SL. The multipack comes in 12 colours both with individual shoes (sculpted right and left foot) or in a single menu driven colour changing edition.

This item can be received for free - however it does cost me time and money to create. The idea of open::price is that you can pay what you feel is appropriate using our in-world terminal for this item.

A personal note...
I spent ages looking for a simple shoe that looked nice and was available in some simple colours - I never really found one that didn't cost an arm and a leg, so this is here to fill that hole. Now you can have nicely sculpted shoe in enough colours to match almost any look, with no bling, no frills - just a classic, elegant look that can be dressy or casual.

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