Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bad Cat - Latex Catsuit

Available Sunday May 16th

Bad Cat - Full latex catsuit with paw prints
(based on our Bad Kitty outfit by customer request)

5 different colours of super-sexy latex with burnt-in tones envelope your body in a full rubbery catsuit. This catsuit lives up to the name catsuit. The remnant prints from soft paws that encircle your body from the angle walking slowly up and around your leg, across your chest and finally off over the shoulder draw attention to this unique outfit.

Perfect for all the naughty nekos out there or any human female that wants to make a bold statement. Each colour comes on several layers and with separate stocking and glove layers there is even room for more mix and match exploration.

This item can be received for free - however it does cost me time and money to create. The idea of open::price is that you can pay what you feel is appropriate using our in-world terminal for this item

The blue version is only available at our in-store Lucky Chair. There is also another colour available for group members at our in-store group gift vendor near the landing point (but you'll need to go there and grab it to see what colour it is!)

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