Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shock-Her Electrified Nail-Kini & Latex Extremity Wrap

This one is not for everyone but for those that prefer some "spicy" rather then just vanilla then you'll love it.

Start with a latex extremity  wrap that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, add to that a bikini and gag made out of nails and finally electrify the whole thing. Give your "friend" a copy of the HUD and hope they aren't feeling too mischievous.

The HUD control allows shocks for different parts of the body to be sent to the nail-kini from anywhere within chat distance. Each part includes a different original animation and electric arc effects.

 This rather naughty ensemble was an original creation for  the FemDom hunt and we're now making it available  to everyone, open::price as usual!

We won't be posting this to the Marketplace so, you'll need to come to the PB Store to grab yours!

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