Wednesday, October 26, 2011

La Soubrette - The French Maid

La Soubrette - The French Maid... sexy elegance can be yours, and just in time for halloween - open::price of course!

This complete French Maid outfit features:
  Matching lingerie, in both fishnet or sheer
  Separate apron without skirt for when you're feeling naughty
  Scripted duster with four maid animations
  Optional unscripted duster to fight lag
  Matching shoes.
  Garters that actually conform to your leg not just clumsy cylinders.

One of our most detailed outfits ever and yours for whatever you want to pay or nothing at all - open::price of course.

We have even included the photo studio in-store for a limited time, where the poster images were taken so you can have your very own boudoir shots if you so desire.

To say that this particular outfit is a passion of ours in an understatement. We wanted to make one ever since starting Plausible Body - but were waiting until we could do it up right... now is the time - enjoy!

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