Saturday, May 8, 2010

Classic Pumps - Monochrome - Greyscale from black to white in 10 shades

Our much beloved classic pumps, rebuilt with finer details all over including alpha textures for Viewer 2 better shadows, higher level of detail in the texture, and many more colour selections.

... and the best part is - these are open::price - so you can get them for free and pay if and what you want!

The entire goal with the classic pumps was to provide a very nice shoe that will go with anything and let you look elegant. These rebuilt shoes have a very detailed texture that is simple and classic yet beautiful and with the vast range of colours that are part of this line, you should be able to select the perfect shoe for any outfit.

The Monochrome set includes 10 styles that range from black through to white and various levels between. The naming scheme is a standard across the entire line to help you select the right colour and the right brightness easily.

We have removed all scripts from these shoes because of the upcoming SL script limits - since these shoes are mod copy you can easily pick your favorite colour and just copy them in with the outfit you want to wear and never need to worry about colour changing anyway.

Need that perfect colour and we still don't quite have it? These are all mod so pick the brightness from the monochrome set you like and use the SL tint options to colour it exactly as you need.

We hope you enjoy these elegant, classic pumps and never again need to worry about having the "right" shoe for a particular outfit.

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