Saturday, July 18, 2009

Plunge - Zipper Front Latex with Heart Cutout

Plunge: Latex Zipper Heart Outfit (6 Styles in each colour)

Latex outfit with zipper front and heart cutout, 2 styles, and 3 bottom styles on multiple layers

We love options, if you do too then this outfit won't disappoint you. The sexy zipper front come in part-open- and fully unzipped; combine that with three different styles of bottoms to create 6 different looks from sexy to naughty ;) The heart cutout exposes a sexy bare belly button and you can choose to wear the stockings for yet another look. The back has a deep plunge from the neckline all the way down (thus it's name)

This outfit is available in Green, Blue, Black, and Red. Or visit our store in-world for many more outfits.

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