Monday, December 1, 2008

Flaunt :: Latex multi-outfit

This is the latex MOTHERLODE!

Our 'Flaunt' latex outfit is one of the most versatile latex ensembles out there. All totaled there are at least 12 outfits in each colour pack (and there is nothing stopping you mixing and matching with some of our other latex outfits as well *hint* try it with Crimson Mist!)

We even put things on different clothing layers to provide you as many options as possible.

350L per colour pack
850L for the 7-colour ultra-pack

Each colour includes the following items:

Full low-rider pants (on pants and undies layers)
Sleeved Shirt (shirt and undershirt layers)
Halter top (shirt and undershirt layers)
Burnt Halter top (shirt and undershirt layers)
Strappy Top (shirt and jacket layers)
Strappy Pants

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